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AGSA Tourney Registration

Memorial Day Tourney
May 23 - May 25, 2014
Fee: $325

Harry McMaken Summer Classic
Jul 11 - Jul 13, 2014
Fee: $250

Umpire Schedule
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Check In Roster

Fee: $325.

To register online for the Memorial Day Tourney
To register online for the Harry McMaken Summer Classic Tourney

Tourney Rules

Please check in at least 30 minutes prior to your first game with a roster of all your players and USSSA registration cards with birth certificates. Check in is at the shelter.

1. USSSA Rules will apply
2. Home team will provide an official scorekeeper.
3. Teams are limited to 15 players on their roster.
4. 1 hr. 15 minute time limit or 7 innings (whichever comes first) for all games except championship games in each bracket. No inning may begin after the time limit has elapsed unless the score is tied.
5. Run Rule for all games: 12 after 3, 10 after 4, and 8 after 5.
6. Game time is forfeit time.
7. During pool play a coin flip will determine home team. Higher seed will be home on Sunday.
8. Protesting of games will not be allowed. All umpire decisions will be final.
9. No infield practice will be allowed during the tournament.
10. The international tie breaker will be used after the seventh inning or after the time limit has passed.
11. Tournament Directors reserve the right to modify these rules should extenuating circumstances warrant.
12. First aid kits and ice will be at the umpires table under the shelter.
13. A full concession will operate out of the blue building north of the restrooms.
14. T-shirt sales will occur on Saturday and Sunday.

To promote good sportsmanship, the AGSA in conjunction with the Ames Area Sports Commission is sponsoring Team Sportsmanship medals for the team in each division that demonstrates the best sportsmanship. A ceremony will be held on Sunday to award these medals. We encourage the coaches, players and spectators to support this effort.

Tournament Seeding, and Tie Breaking Criteria:

In order to seed the tournament and break ties, team data will be reviewed in the following sequence until ties are broken.

1. Win/loss record
2. Head to head if 2 teams are tied
2. Total runs allowed
3. Total runs scored
4. Coin toss

Results of all games will be posted on our web site at www.AmesGirlsSoftball.org.
Questions: Contact Harry McMaken at 515-597-3592 or Tournament@AmesGirlsSoftball.org.